I am so pleased to announce that our film “World Peace and other 4th-Grade Achievements” is finally available on DVD for home usage. This is the award-winning film depicting John Hunter’s wonderful work with children through their participation in his World Peace Game.

To purchase the film, please click here to visit Transit Media.

We do ask that you honor our commitment to our educational partner and purchase the educational copy if you are intending to use the film for a classroom/library setting or any public screening. Purchasing the more expensive library or educational DVD version conveys all rights for public/group screenings. But please do consider sharing the home DVD with friends and small groups.

For those of you who are interested in digital acquisition/streaming, please bear with me a little bit longer. We were never able to attract a home usage distributor for the film, so essentially, true to the nature of this work from the very beginning in 2006, this is very much an independent effort. I’m presently working on a few other film projects, and still have the day job and family, so I apologize for the delays in putting this distribution into place. I will be as happy as anyone when this work is finally completed.

Since World Peace first premiered in 2010 at the South by Southwest Film Festival, it has been screened at festivals and events around the world, (Norway, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Estonia, and we hope Austria this April) with screenings at over 20 film festivals, and it has received several awards. The film has also achieved wide exposure through its run on US Public Television which began in April, 2012, having had over 1900 separate telecasts on stations across the US, covering 23 of the top 25 markets and 85% of the US population. This number continues to grow. International television broadcasts have occurred in South Korea, Taiwan, Romania, Hungary, Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, and throughout the Middle East. It has also been exhibited at many unique locations and conferences. Highlighting these events were screenings at the Pentagon and the United Nations, Harvard and Georgetown Universities, the Aspen Institute’s Ideas Festival, several TEDx events, and countless events for school communities, educational conferences and public libraries. And we’ve had wide exposure to individual schools across the US, as well as in Norway and Estonia, and we hope in Austria in 2014.

All this from a film which took 4 years from its initial filming to see the light of day, and 6 years to finally break-even. As an example, the students in the film are now 11th-graders. At the beginning of this project John was a local and beloved Charlottesville,Virginia teacher known mainly by his students and their parents, he is now, in large part due to his hugely popular TED Talk of 2011, an internationally known educator and published author, (Click here to buy the book) whose work has expanded to becoming a “teacher of teachers” through his consultancy work and conducting of master classes, ensuring his wisdom and teaching expertise will be passed down to future generations of teachers and through them to future generations of students. And yet he still finds the time to continue to teach local elementary students through his World Peace Game. And this work continues as several schools have adopted the World Peace Game into their curriculum and we hope the work of 2014 will be to fully implement much wider replication of this marvelous educational exercise.

As a special treat for those of you who actually read this message down to this point, click here for John Hunter’s appearance with three of his former students at a TEDx event in Charlottesville held this past November.

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Chris Farina – Rosalia Films

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