We are very pleased to provide a link to Rosalia Films’ newest film, Stars over the Sea, an 18 minute documentary about David Bosun, an internationally-acclaimed artist from the Torres Strait Islands, located between the north coast of Australia and Papua New Guinea. Please share this with friends.

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Stars over the Sea focuses on Bosun’s one-month guest residency at the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum at the University of Virginia. The film follows him as he works in various art forms, including print-making, sculpture and dance. This residency gave Bosun the opportunity to present his work to the Charlottesville, Virginia and University community as well as to teach students about his art and culture through a collaborative working relationship. Bosun’s mission as an artist is to preserve his people’s rich and long-lasting culture, which traces its roots back to Africa 70,000 years ago. His people’s deep knowledge of and strong respect for the land, sea and cosmos is at the center of his art, and through his work this knowledge is both passed along to future generations of Torres Strait Islanders while also shared with others around the world. For more information, please visit the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection web site.

Special news regarding the work towards fulfilling the mission of replicating John Hunter’s World Peace Game.  Last month, John and I traveled to Austria to teach the Game to schoolchildren there while John also conducted a workshop for teachers. This event was hosted by theGlobArt Foundation, with the goal being to replicate the World Peace Game in schools in Austria and beyond. This was the first time that John conducted the Game for children outside the US, and it was a wonderful success, culminating in a visit with the children to the Austrian Parliament in Vienna.  Our hope is that this might be the first of future visits to Vienna, establishing a European Center for the World Peace Game there.  The teachers who attended the workshop are already making plans to conduct the Game in their own classrooms in the near future.  Here’s a link to a wonderful article that so wonderfully captured the experience.

Finally, a reminder that if you would like to purchase a DVD of World Peace and other 4th-Grade Achievements we had to find a new fulfillment house, ConneXtions, that will now handle all orders and shipping.  Please click here to purchase the film. 

We do ask that you honor our commitment to our educational partner and purchase the educational copy if you are intending to use the film for a classroom/library setting or any public screening. Purchasing the more expensive library or educational DVD version conveys all rights for public/group screenings. But please do consider sharing the home DVD with friends.

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Chris Farina – Rosalia Films

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David Bosun photos by Tom Cogill
World Peace photos by Will May