Filmmaker Chris Farina and John Hunter will present the film World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements, followed by a panel discussion, at the Projecting Change Film Festival in Vancouver. Their film was selected to show on Opening Night at 7pm on April 17. Here are the details.

Vancouver’s Projecting Change Film Festival is forum for film and dialogue about social and environmental issues. The marquee six-day event features inspiring, eye-opening, and often award-winning films from around the globe, each followed by a dynamic speaker and panel discussion.  The unique festival format is a platform for audience engagement, with all proceeds donated back to local initiatives.

Founded in 2007 by Brady Dahmer and Lindsay Nahmiache, the festival has proven popular amongst a truly diverse group of innovation-minded people. Co-founder Brady Dahmer attributes this to the festival focus “PCFF is about positive change. Come to our festival hungry for knowledge and we promise you will leave with a head full of inspiration.”  Inspiration no doubt in part due to the participation of such luminaries as Dr. David Suzuki, Captain Paul Watson and Mayor Gregor Robertson – all former festival speakers.

  • Six days of 20+ films
  • 30+ speakers from around the globe
  • 2 Gala evenings
  • 2 Youth Days
  • 50+ volunteers
  • 3500+ attendees
  • Special events and activities
  • Family screening & interactive workshops on Sunday

Reserved tickets and passes can be purchased online on the schedule page.
The festival runs from April 17 to April 22.