American Public Television Broadcast of the Movie Begins this Week!

We could not be more pleased to announce the absolutely wonderful news regarding the broadcast of World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements on public television stations across the country.

The stations will air the film on different days at different times beginning on May 6. American Public Television, our distributor, provides a national feed of the program that day, and then the stations decide if and when they will fit the program into their schedule.

Our initial reports are very favorable in that we expect a good 85-90% of the country to have access to the film, and more importantly, to John’s wonderful work with children, with just about every top-market included.

Highlights for May include airings in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington DC, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and the entire states of South Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho, Alabama and Montana. There are other broadcasts in May as well, so please do check our website to see if it is scheduled for your own community.

As the scheduling decisions are still incomplete, we will be updating this schedule as these decisions are made available to us, so please do check in periodically. We will also be posting our weekly schedule on our Facebook page.

Contact Your Local Station and Ask Them to Show the Film

Another option is for you to contact your own individual station to ask them if and when they might be airing it. If they haven’t yet made the decision please do ask them to consider including “World Peace” in their broadcast schedule. The stations will have a two-year time period to air the program as many times as they want, so we do expect multiple broadcasts on each station. WCVE-Richmond, WHTJ-Charlottesville and WHUT-Washington DC and KOZK-Springfield, Missouri have already scheduled multiple airings for May.

Our conservative estimate is that by the time the initial broadcasts are completed, well over one million households will have watched “World Peace.” And this number will increase significantly over the two-year public television window with the repeated airings.

New Partners and Sponsors Have Made This Possible

This was only made possible through the generous underwriting support provided by the  Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence and the  FedEx Corporation. A special thanks to Brad Martin, the founder of the Martin Institute, Cliff Mims, the executive director, and especially Jamie Baker, whose singular involvement and dedication in making a difference in the education of our children first led to bringing John’s work and the film to the attention of the Martin Institute.

Without our relationship with the Martin Institute, this upcoming national exposure on public television would not have become a reality.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Martin Institute is our project’s true educational partner, bringing John’s work to the attention of educators around the world, ensuring that his work, wisdom and compassion will inspire and teach educators for years to come, fulfilling the ultimate mission of our project.


I would also like to express my true gratitude to Winston Baccus of Presbyterian Day School in Memphis, where the Martin Institute is located. He is our technical wizard and has done such great work creating and merging the websites of John’s World Peace Game Foundation, the Martin Institute’s site and the Rosalia Films’ website. If you have not visited our website in the last three months or so, please do so again and you will see what wonderful work Winston has done.

And finally, I would like to thank Lee Burns, the headmaster of Presbyterian Day School, whose tireless dedication to providing innovative learning not just for his schools’ students, but for students nation-wide, and who has provided such wonderful assistance and inspiration as we have planned and begun to implement the creation of true educational impact through the sharing of John’s work with the educators around the world.

When I consider how far this project has come, I think of the countless number of friends who have helped along the way. Together, creating a small, local film shining light on a masterful teacher who was still pretty much unknown except to his students and their parents in Charlottesville, Virginia, I do believe that we have exceeded all expectations. From the bottom of my heart, thanks to everyone for their love, interest and support.

Chris Farina
Rosalia Films