If John Hunter were to call a Press Conference at the Pentagon to order, of course he would use his bell. As we see in the education documentary about John’s World Peace Game, his bell calls even the most heated negotiations to order, calms, and redirects the game’s participants back to their seats.

On your visit to the Pentagon, John, did you suggest to Mr. Panetta and his press secretary to try the bell in their press conferences?

The Washington Post describes how the Pentagon extended an invitation to John Hunter to bring his current class of World Peace Game player to visit the Pentagon.

From Susan Svrluga’s article, April 19, 2012:

“The Secretary of Defense had to end his 11:30 meeting abruptly when he was called to the White House. His guests didn’t mind — they liked seeing all the men with walkie-talkies swoop in to usher Leon E. Panetta out. Awesome! Besides, they wanted to play with the coins he had given them.

It’s not every 9-year-old who gets invited to talk with some of the world’s most powerful people. But this class of Charlottesville fourth-graders has read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” learned to avoid battles by outthinking their opponents, and negotiated simulated crises involving arms dealers, oil spills and insurgents.”