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World Peace And Other 4th-Grade Achievements

World Peace and other 4th-Grade Achievements is a one-hour documentary on John Hunter, a 4th-grade teacher in Charlottesville, Virginia and his students as they participate in Hunter’s remarkable educational exercise the World Peace Game. (Watch the Trailer)

Remembering Normandy

On June 9, 1944, Bill Hochman was an American sailor on board US LST376, part of the D-Day operation. His boat was sunk by a German E-boat. Bill was rescued from the frigid English Channel by a British destroyer. 33 years later… (Read more)

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Holistic Life Foundation: breathing love into a community

short film portraying the work of the three founders of the Holistic Life Institute, who have dedicated their lives to bringing the benefits of mindfulness and meditation to the inner-city neighborhood in Baltimore where two of the founders were born and raised. (Watch the Trailer.)

Route 40

Route 40 is an award-winning feature documentary about Pulaski Highway, a five-mile slice of US Route 40 in east Baltimore. The film spends time with individuals, including a paramedic, a gas station owner, kids at a roller rink, a motel manager, diner workers,and others… (Read more)

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Stars Over The Sea: David Bosun

The first in a series of portraits of Australian indigenous artisits as they participate in a residency program at the kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum in Charlottesville, Virginia, this short (18 minute film) depicts Torres Strait Islander artist David Bosun… (Watch the Film)

Ricardo Idagi: Making Spirit Visible

The third in a series of short films by Rosalia Films on Australian aboriginal/indigenous artists who have been selected to be guest residents of the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Collection at the University of Virginia. (Watch the Film)

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Coloring the Landscape: Nici Cumpston

The second in a series of portraits of Australian indigenous artists as they participate in a residency program at the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum in Charlottesville, Virginia. Nici Cumpston is a photographer who hand-colors her black and white photographs which of landscapes which are the settings of historical Aboriginal life. (Watch the Film)

West Main Street

An award-winning feature documentary focusing on the Charlottesville, Virginia residents whose lives and work revolved around the West Main Street community. Through their memories and stories, the film presents a picture of the 20th Century of this Main Street community. Made with Reid Oechslin. (Read More)


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