WINA Interview on West Main Street film

Wanted to share a radio interview that Coy Barefoot (new head of Albemarle/Charlottesville Historical Society) and I had with Jane Foy and Rick Daniels of WINA a few days before our public screening of West Main Street.  I want to thank all of you who attended last...

Article about upcoming screening of West Main Street

Read this article about West Main Street Just wanted to share additional information about the free screening of West Main Street (a film about Charlottesville made by Reid Oechslin and myself many years ago) this Friday 4/27 at 7:00 at Vinegar Hill Theater. It is a...

“West Main Street” Screening Announced

“West Main Street” Screening Announced

The Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society will be proud to host this memorable event on Friday evening, April 27 at 7pm: the one-time public screening of “West Main Street.”

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